The Virus rescue disks are valuable tool that can be used to search for malware in situations where your normal antivirus program isn’t operating. They are available for a variety of different antivirus providers and are simple to vdr use, giving users a variety of custom options regarding how they want the software to check the system.

Some provide an experience that is more familiar to desktop users and some provide users with a variety of extra utilities. For instance, Kaspersky’s Rescue disk is powered by the Xfce Linux desktop and features Firefox, Thumar File Manager and a few other applications that can be used for additional reasons. This rescue disk also includes the ability to select specific files to scan with the service, or indicate if prefer to have it skip files over a certain size.

Other rescue disks don’t have sophisticated interfaces like Trend Micro’s. It does not have a graphical user interface and users navigate using the arrow keys. This basic rescue disc makes up for the lack of features through its size and proving to have a strong track record in finding malware during AVComparatives’ real-world protection testing.

ESET’s SysRescue Live is a great option for users who prefer a more user friendly interface. It has one of the most well-rounded and refined interfaces on this list. It uses the same antivirus engine that is the basis of the full-featured software offered by the company. The user-friendly interface permits a wide array of options for customization, including a smart or customized scan, exclusions and whether to run a speedy or a thorough scan.