The appropriate tools for a board meeting can help keep meetings more efficient, efficient and strategically focused. There are numerous free digital tools available to improve meetings and boost productivity of teams.

The first tool you need to look into is a platform to facilitate visual collaboration. Mural, Stormboard, and iObeya all provide fantastic solutions for real-time brainstorming during board meetings. They can be used alone or in conjunction with additional tools. These tools are easy to use and ideal for quick sessions.

A whiteboard program like Boardable or Fellow is a great option for sessions that last longer. These programs allow participants to mark the whiteboard during meetings using laser pointers and annotation tools. These programs also come with an export feature that makes document sharing simple and offer a variety of layouts.

A board portal with built-in survey functionality is a great method to evaluate the effectiveness of meetings. This provides instant feedback, and identifies any areas that could be improved. Chairs and administrators of boards can then proactively implement improvements to achieve better outcomes.

Boardable is an innovative software solution for board meetings that transforms complicated, outdated and time-consuming processes. Its advanced features make meetings easier and allow board members to concentrate on the most important aspects of the process, like decision-making and setting goals that are effective.