The work that goes into earning passive income tends to be manageable when paired with a 9-to-5. So you’ll want to make sure you do some research into the best affiliate marketing programs before you get started. Blogging tends to be the most cost-effective way to make recurring affiliate commissions without having to spend money on ads. If you have an extra room in your apartment, you can rent it to someone for a specific duration.

  • Once you have uploaded the photos, the sites will do all the marketing and selling work for you.
  • You’ll need photos that appeal to a specific audience or that represent a certain scene, and you’ll need to tease out where the demand is.
  • In other words, your life suddenly provides more possibilities, you can take the reins back into your own hands and become master of yourself, your time and what you do.
  • (It might go without saying, but it’s ideal to involve a lawyer in this type of situation).

Plus, you won’t have to deal with the drama that sometimes comes with interacting with tenants. You can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $300 per unit in rent each month, depending on the size and location. More work than ever is being done online following the shift to working from home.

Rent Out Your Car

The greater diversification offers less risk, and taxes and fees are lower as well. And because index funds and ETFs are hands-off, your investment can truly be considered passive income. You’ll be able to sit back and watch the returns pour in over time. If you have a lot to say — and access to interesting guests — you can start a podcast for just a modest investment of a good microphone. You’ll monetize your podcast through sponsorships and affiliate sales. In most passive income streams, some work and a financial investment will be required up front, but some take very little active work.

That means you can stand out from the crowd easier if you produce a high-quality show—which makes podcasting both a great business launch strategy as well as a growth strategy. When you build your business on someone else’s platform, your business is vulnerable to any changes they might make. For example, if Tumblr closed tomorrow, you would lose your business entirely.

ways to make passive income

And all you’ll have to do is collect the passive income you’ve earned at the end of each month. Here are three simple ways to start earning passive income today. On the other end of the spectrum are the enticing but dangerous stocks that offer gargantuan yields of 14% or 15%.

Ways To Make $50,000 Per Year Without Working With Passive Income

Once you find a match, you can take some or all of your tenant’s rent and put it toward paying off debt — like your mortgage — or invest it in other passive income streams. Financial institutions issue certificates of deposit for terms ranging from a few months to 20 years. When the term is up, you cash in your CD for the principal plus interest, which you can use to invest.

ways to make passive income

Or lots of other small things like lawn mower, projector, trailer or pressure washer on Peerby. The car you’re not going to need next month and can rent it out on Snappcar. Other options are Peer-to-peer lending or strike with Crypto, but these are of course also more risky. Here we discuss the most common ways to earn an extra income in the Netherlands.

But one benefit of a REIT is the option to invest through a stock exchange, allowing for more liquidity; you can sell it quickly when you decide you want to. Cash flow is usually higher on owned rental properties, but your ROI can be higher on financed properties. And at the end of the period, the bank will return your principal. Except with a normal insurance policy, you pay a premium, and you receive a distribution of funds if a certain event triggers the payment—accident, illness, or death. So, it’s a good idea to research thoroughly before jumping into any particular dividend stock. Once you have your photos taken and edited, you can sell a single photo as many times as people will buy it with little to no ongoing effort from you.

How to Make Passive Income: 5 Ways to Get Started

That said, there are ways to invest in dividend-yielding stocks without spending a huge amount of time evaluating companies. Graves advises going with exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. ETFs are investment funds that hold assets such as stocks, commodities and bonds, but they trade like stocks. ETFs also diversify your holdings, so if one company cuts its payout, it doesn’t affect the ETF’s price or dividend too much. Shareholders in companies with dividend-yielding stocks receive a payment at regular intervals from the company. Companies pay cash dividends on a quarterly basis out of their profits, and all you need to do is own the stock.

We believe this is the best way to have an additional income per month and possibly make a living from it if you wish. The idea is to find a business that you enjoy and that at some point doesn’t require your time or effort to make profit. You can rent a room of your house through a website such as Airbnb. This is a great option if you have extra space in your house and you don’t mind the company. In addition, you can even consider renting your entire home if you travel a lot, whether it be for business or vacation. Renting a room can range anywhere between $25-$200 per night depending on the location and where you live.

Thank you for NOT creating just another BS list of how to make passive income. There are some really good ideas in here, none of which I have ever heard of, and I have been working on passive income for years. As a former user of the platform, Slidejoy may not be the preferred option for renting out your lock screen.

ways to make passive income

The average American checking account balance hit a record high in 2018, indicating a sense of financial insecurity. But if you have money set aside, even if you’ll need to make a withdrawal at some point, you can earn a higher APY with a high-yield savings account. And many of these kinds of the best savings accounts are even free of fees and have low or no minimum balances. Virtually anyone can open a savings account, and — through the process of compound interest — earn passive income on their deposits. Savings accounts don’t come with the potential for big earnings like stocks, but they also don’t come with the risk since they’re FDIC insured.

This card also gives you one of the highest cash back rates, with unlimited 1.5% back on every dollar you spend. The big advantage over other peer-to-peer lending is the loans are backed by the real property. That means if the borrower stops paying, you have some recourse — namely foreclosure. I’m about 6 years into my investments there and they’ve paid out every quarter so far. You’re probably familiar with Airbnb and similar sites, where you can turn the extra space in your home into extra cash. Check the calculator on their site to see how much you could earn.

If you already have a license and want to sell it for cash, or if you’re looking to buy music licenses to earn income, check out Royalty Exchange. This platform connects artists with those looking to build a royalty revenue steam. One of the biggest marketplaces to sell stock photos is DepositPhotos.

You can upload your photos are earn money whenever someone uses them. Do you ever wonder where your favorite websites, blogs, and sometimes even magazines get their photos? If you enjoy photography you can submit your photos to stock photo sites and receive a commission every time someone purchases one of them. Along the same lines as refinancing your mortgage, if you can pay off or reduce your debt, you’re making huge progress in building income. But just like other things in this topic – it takes a monetary investment to make that happen. If you’re concerned about investing directly in real estate, or maybe you’re not yet an accredited investor, that’s okay.

Passive income ideas that require a monetary investment

If you have followers on Instagram, you might want to try your hand at creating sponsored content. Instagram sponsored posts are content pieces that endorse a specific product or service . Sponsors compensate publishers for creating and distributing content that promotes their business. Achieving financial freedom, passive income leaves active income in the dust. The ETFs comprising the portfolios charge fees and expenses that will reduce a client’s return. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the funds carefully before investing.

Like savings accounts, CDs are insured so they’re virtually risk-free, but they usually pay higher rates, making these a great option for making passive income. The downside is that there’s a penalty for pulling out your money before the end of the full term. Nationally, average CD rates pay 1.07% for a 12-month CD, but some online banks pay much more.

If you aren’t ready to invest in real estate yet, you can still take part by investing in a real estate investment trust . You can consider CD ladders as an alternative to traditional savings accounts, giving you just a little bit more return on investment than a savings account would give you. A less-risky option for this type of investment is to invest smaller amounts by pooling resources with other angel investors or investing small amounts in multiple start-ups through bonds. In return, the investor will receive shares that are expected to provide dividends and increase in value as the company grows. But your best bet for earning a good chunk of passive income with photography is to use a print-on-demand service that will take care of fulfilling orders on your behalf.